Introduction to TabRPG

TabRPG is a cloud-based gaming environment meant to elevate your online or in-person gaming sessions. It's designed to effortlessly organize and track data across campaigns, scenarios, and individual encounters, mending the boundaries between conventional and online gaming.

TabRPG for Game Managers

For Game Managers, TabRPG can be an invaluable tool to drive player immersion and engagement. The system allows you to provide captivating visual aids and interactive features that guide your players seamlessly through your campaign.

TabRPG for Players

For the players, TabRPG is your personal digital dashboard where you can meticulously organize and retrieve information related to your character. It's a tool for aiding the ongoing narrative of your in-game persona.

Ease of Gaming

One of the primary goals of TabRPG is to minimize the downtime between you and your game. Whether you're launching a new campaign, adding scenarios, introducing encounters, or inserting opponents, everything is designed for completion within minutes. And while the platform offers a trove of advanced features, no element is binding to kick-start your gaming session.