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Platform independent Game Management System and Virtual Tabletop designed to assist with online and in-person campaigns.

Play your story

With TAB RPG, you can focus on your game. It has been designed from the ground up to not get in the way of your gameplay.

Build your world

Our platform independent suite of tools help you organize your game assets, such as maps, encounters, notes, NPCs, and opponents.

Gather the party

TAB RPG has a built-in Virtual Tabletop (VTT) to help run your game more efficiently. Your players have fully customizable character sheets as well as an integrated dice roller.

TAB RPG is a resource
designed for

TAB RPG has been designed to support your gameplay and to convey the purpose and current status of the gameboard.

With TAB RPG, only a single member of your party requires a registered account. All others use Player and Manager Control Panels to participate with the gameboard.

Interactive Gameboard

Design gameboard components

Ad-hoc gameplay supported

Player and Manager Control Panels

Tons of assets

In game dice roller

Initiative tracker

Effects counter

Campaign and gameplay history

Player Control Panel
a new approach to gameplay management

The Player Control Panel provides quick access to the critical elements that will keep your game session moving. No more fumbling through multi-page character sheets or thumbing through books. All the information and roles that your players need are quickly accessible.

Character sheet example screenshot

Gaming Resources

In addition to TAB RPG virtual tabletop platform, a number of gaming related resources are available to help you run your adventures.

D&D Spell List

Interactive, filterable and sortable list of spells based on the Dungeons and Dragons SRD .

Interactive Dice Tray

Customizable dice roller. Critical hits not guaranteed. Did we mention that it's Free?

D&D Rules

Online view of the Dungeons and Dragons rules found in the SRD .


Do all members of my game need a registered account with TAB RPG?

Not at all. In fact, you can play a game with a single account who will manage the application, freeing up the players and game manager to focus on playing and running the game. See our Quick Start Guide for more information.


Can I run several different games with different groups of people?

Yes. We support membership to different groups, where each group has a unique set of games. See our article Introduction to Groups for more information.


How can I support the ongoing development of this project?

TAB RPG is funded primarily through Patreon. Our Patrons receive benefits with their subscriptions. Please consider becoming a member on our Patreon page.

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