About Virtual Tabletops (VTTs)

Tabletop gaming has always been a popular pastime, bringing friends and family together to engage in imaginative adventures. With the advent of technology and the internet, a new form of tabletop gaming has emerged – virtual tabletops (VTTs).

Although TabRPG is a suite of digital tools aimed at enhancing your gameplay experience, at its core it is a virtual tabletop.

What is a VTT?

A VTT is a digital platform that allows tabletop gamers to play their favorite games online. It provides a virtual space where players can gather, create characters, explore settings, and engage in storytelling adventures. VTTs simulate the experience of sitting around a physical table, but in a digital environment.

Why do you need a VTT?

There are several reasons why you might find VTTs to be indispensable for your tabletop gaming needs.


VTTs break geographical barriers, enabling players from all over the world to come together, regardless of distance. No longer do you have to limit your gaming sessions to those in your immediate vicinity.


Life can sometimes get in the way of in-person gaming sessions. With VTTs, you can schedule games at your convenience, accommodating everyone's busy schedules. No need to worry about travel time, finding a suitable location, or setting up the physical game.

Visual Aids

VTTs provide a range of tools and features to enhance gameplay, including maps, tokens, and dynamic lighting. These visual aids can bring your game worlds to life, adding an immersive element that can be challenging to achieve with just pen and paper.


Managing character sheets, rules, and other game-related documents can be a hassle during physical sessions. VTTs help organize everything in one place, making it easy to track character details, access rulebooks, and manage game assets.

How virtual tabletops enhance gameplay

While virtual tabletops (VTTs), such as TabRPG, are primarily designed to facilitate online gaming, they can also enhance in-person gameplay in several ways. Here are a few ways VTTs can enhance your traditional tabletop experiences:

Dynamic Maps and Visual Enhancements

TabRPG provides map creation tools and visual enhancements, such as dynamic lighting and animated effects. Even if you're playing in-person, you can use TabRPG to display maps and visual aids on a digital screen or projector, adding a new level of immersion to your physical sessions. This can make encounters more exciting and provide a clear visual representation of the game world.

Virtual Character Sheets and Rule References

Instead of flipping through physical rulebooks or having stacks of character sheets, you can use the digital character sheets within TabRPG, which are readily available on laptops, tablets and phones. Having a digital version of your character sheet helps streamline gameplay by easily tracking character stats, managing inventory, referencing rules, and sharing with your game master. This can save time and keep the game flowing smoothly.

Audio and Sound Effects

TabRPG comes with built-in audio features that allow you to add ambiance to your gaming sessions. You can play background music, sound effects, or even integrate voiceover narration. By using TabRPG to control these audio elements, you can elevate the atmosphere and immerse players further into the game world.

Remote Collaboration and Note-Taking

If you have players who cannot physically attend a gaming session, TabRPG can bridge the gap by allowing them to participate remotely. They can connect to the game session via video chat or voice chat and interact with the game world. Additionally, TabRPG has note-taking capabilities, which can be useful for keeping track of clues, plot points, or even sharing session summaries with absent players.

Streamlined Initiative and Combat

Initiating combat and tracking turns in tabletop RPGs can sometimes be complex and time-consuming. However, TabRPG has automated tools that streamlines this process. Within TabRPG, you generate initiative orders (by rolling for initiative), track hit points, apply damage, and automate calculations. This reduces the burden on the game master and keeps the action moving swiftly.

Supplemental Content and Homebrew Creations

TabRPG is building an extensive library of official game content and supplements for various tabletop RPG systems. Additionally, TabRPG is a platform for players and game masters to create and share their own custom content, including adventures, monsters, and character options. These additional resources can enhance and expand your in-person gaming experiences.

VTTs Should not Overshadow Gameplay

While VTTs can enhance gameplay, it's essential to strike a balance between the digital and physical aspects of your gaming sessions. Ensure that the use of technology doesn't overshadow the personal interactions and tactile experiences that make traditional tabletop gaming enjoyable. Ultimately, the choice to integrate VTTs into your in-person sessions depends on your group's preferences and goals for the game.

Wrapping it up

Virtual tabletops (VTTs) such as TabRPG offer a multitude of benefits that greatly enhance the tabletop gaming experience. The accessibility, convenience, and visual enhancements provided by VTTs make them invaluable tools for modern gamers.

Virtual tabletops provide an incredible opportunity to connect, explore, and create memorable tabletop gaming experiences. Whether you're gathering friends from across the globe or simply seeking to enhance your in-person sessions, VTTs offer a wealth of benefits that can truly take your gaming adventures to new heights. So, embrace the digital frontier, delve into the virtual realms, and embark on unforgettable tabletop journeys with the assistance of virtual tabletops.