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Loot run turns into TPK

Our fun little loot run ended in a Total Party Kill

I'm not really sure what happened, why it happened or possibly when it happened. I'm certain though of the end-result: rerolling new characters for our Friday night group.

What started out as a routine loot run in a dungeon crawl turned sideways quickly. As we figured out puzzle after puzzle, defeated foe after foe, our inventory grew. Until of course we hit the night's challenge. A room full of undead. The thing that made this exceptionally difficult was that our Paladin and Cleric players had decided to take the night off. Not only did we have no way to turn the creatures, we had no healers as the battle went on. Before the battle ended with our entire party face down, we managed to dispatch only one creature.

Seeing that we were outmatched, our DM graciously tried to give us an out via "divine intervention". However, as a whole, we decided that we were soundly defeated and that we should accept the outcome for what it was.