Introduction to Groups

An organizational way to group players and games.

Introduction to Groups

Groups form the basis for pulling players into a gaming session. With groups you can:

  • Invite players to join
  • Associate any number of unique games

Groups on the Application Home Page

Accessing your Groups

Groups appear on your Home Page Dashboard in the My Groups card. From here you can either select an existing Group or you can add a new Group.

Note that at least one Group is mandatory to play Games.

Group Home Page


The games that are associated with the group show in the Games card. Here you can add new games or configure existing ones. Once a game has been added it will appear in the My Games card for all the group's players.


The list of players show the members of the group. Use the "Invite" button to invite other players to join. Once an invitation has been sent it will appear on the "Invitations" page found in the menu.


This is where you will find existing player invitations.